Custom Handmade Unity Crosses

Get your custom handmade unity crosses at for a reminder of how
two become one as two hearts join in matrimony. Unity crosses are a symbol of
the love shared and can be kept forever as a reminder of the special

Made from quality wood, our custom handmade unity crosses represent all that is sacred
and are designed specifically for their purpose with intricate detail and
beautifully sculpted designs.

The Special Meaning of Unity Crosses

Unity crosses are used in wedding ceremonies to demonstrate how a husband and wife
become one. It is used in the unity part of the wedding ceremony and is a
beautiful display for any union. Custom handmade unity crosses are sculptures
made of multiple pieces that each have a significant meaning.

While the pastor or wedding officiator explains how god created man to be a strong and
bold defender of his family but is incomplete and empty without a woman by his
side, the groom starts to erect the cross by placing the outer cross into the
wooden base.

The pastor or wedding officiator then goes on to explain how god created women to be
delicate yet strong enough to care for all the little in life that complete her
man. While he speaks of this, the bride places the delicate inner cross into
the outer cross at which point the two, man and wife become one as they
solidify their union by locking the two crosses together with three gold pegs.

This is where the pastor or wedding officiator says “What god has brought together, let
no man take apart.” The couple can then take their unity cross home and keep it
as a daily reminder of their union.

Why Unity Crosses are So Valuable

The religious meaning behind unity crosses is quite important for brides, grooms
and their families who are religious but the beautiful designs and special
meaning behind them makes unity crosses valuable to anyone who understands the
value of marriage and respects the union.

Having custom handmade unity crosses is special because they can be customized to
include a personalized touch that means so much to the bride and groom. This
can be in the overall design of the custom handmade unity crosses but another
special touch that can be added is a special engraving where words are forever
memorialized onto this special item.

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